The role of Muslim Western scholars

International Islamic Leadership Peace and Justice Conference : “Islamophobia, Identity and Integration – The new West of the Other” - Dublin, Ireland, 28-30 septembre 2010 . An increasing number of Western Muslim scholars and theologians have decided to act and cooperate in Europe to refute and to respond to any manipulations of the genuine Islamic doctrine and practices. In such a religious and civil commitment, it is about to show and to clarify the Truth and the orthodox interpretation of Islam and of its message as well as to reaffirm, promote and concretely testify the universal values of knowledge, mercy, justice and peace that represent the authentic spirit and character of Muslim endeavour in any society. Furthermore, these Western Muslim theologians make it a duty to teach and explain to their fellow-citizens, Muslims or non-Muslims in Europe, that the attachment to spiritual identity and to religious integrity and expression of virtues is on a par with a better integration and an added-value capacity to participate in the spiritual, historical and material development and life of European contemporary society.


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